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Cheryl Beck - Librarian, Promotions and Advocacy Chair

Resident of Dublin, Cheryl is our Advocacy Chairperson and manages the PFLAG Library and promotional supplies.  Since PFLAG helped support her when she first learned her son was gay, she continues in leadership with PFLAG to help other parents.   She believes parents supporting other parents is one very effective way to learn how to  best support and accept our own kids.  


Joyce Brown - Advocacy committee

Our PFLAG chapter will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year in 2020.  Joyce has been with our chapter almost from the beginning.  She is a change leader for lgbtq+ equality having successfully fought for Marriage Equality and is ever watchful of the latest in lgbtq+ legislation and trends.  Joyce jumped right into PFLAG with both feet on a full run when she first learned one of her two daughters was gay.  She's now the proud grandmother of three grandchildren from both of her daughters.


Jacquie Guzzo - President

A native of Orinda, Jacquie moved away from California at the age of 25 and moved around the country 17 times in 25 years. She is happy to call the Bay Area her home again as of 2005 when she returned to Orinda with her family. Jacquie is the mother of two sons, the youngest of whom was assigned female at birth and who is her inspiration for her work with PFLAG. She has been with the Danville / San Ramon Valley chapter of PFLAG since 2014. 

Jacquie’s corporate experience working as a manager for GTE Phone Company saw her promoted and her family relocated from Ohio to Portland, Oregon where her youngest was born. Retiring to take care of the kids at home, she involved herself with PTA leadership through the family’s subsequent moves to Southern California; Avon, Connecticut; and back to Orinda where she was a member of the Finance Committee and the Miramonte Site Council liaison for the Education Foundation of Orinda, as well as Volunteer Coordinator for the Miramonte Parents Club.

When her youngest came out as a transgender young man at age 20, Jacquie reached out to PFLAG, a national organization of parents, families and friends of the lgbtq+ community. Her son went on to graduate magna cum laude and is currently researching graduate schools, while working as a social worker and crisis counselor. He has also done speaking for different groups, including PFLAG, helping organizations and companies understand transgender related issues.

Having graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Organizational Communications, Jacquie puts her degree to work on PFLAG’s mission to “Advance equality for lgbtq+ individuals through support, education and advocacy.” She believes, as does PFLAG, that family support and acceptance are critical to the health and well-being of lgbtq+ individuals.


Bruce Hixon - Administration

Our PFLAG chapter is celebrating our 25th anniversary this year in 2020.  Bruce  has been involved in our chapter's administration and strategic planning from early in our chapter's history.  He has just trained our new Treasurer in the management of our finances and reporting requirements as well as the administrative filings with our national headquarters and the government.  He's very busy actively supporting the chapter president in all manner of administration and helping facilitate the support group meetings each month in overseeing the strategic planning of PFLAG in Danville/San Ramon Valley as well as PFLAG Contra Costa County.


Kathie Hixon - Corresponding Secretary

Kathie is the heart and soul of our chapter.  As our corresponding secretary, she communicates with chapter members and individuals in our vast network of companies, organizations and the SRVUSD.  When there's something to be celebrated or sorrows to be shared, Kathie is there with kind and thoughtful words and gestures on behalf of PFLAG.  Having also been involved with our PFLAG chapter since just about the beginning, she has been instrumental in the growth and strength of our chapter.  


Faye Isaacson - Secretary and LGBTQ Resources

How does a parent lead the way when there's just no path in front of you?  Well, that's just what Faye and her husband did when prior to high school they learned their kid was not identifying with the female gender assigned at birth.  They found the health professionals to support their son through these uncharted waters as their son was the first openly transgender kid in the SRVUSD.  They also reached out to PFLAG for support of other parents.  Faye has read extensively on the subject, seen her son graduate summa cum laude from university and search for the right graduate school since those first days of learning they had a transgender son.  We're all very proud of the Isaacson's and their son for leading the way for those of us who have come behind.


Wes Muldrow - Treasurer


Wes has responsibility for the finances of our chapter as well as federal and state filing requirements. He manages our chapter’s reporting requirements to the PFLAG national office in Washington, D.C. also. In addition to all this and his career in finance, you will find Wes at most of our monthly support group meetings.  He believes in giving back since PFLAG was there for him when his son first came out years ago. He wants to help other parents of lgbtq+ individuals by reassuring them they aren’t alone.


Rex Saldana - Newsletter, Social Media & Documentarian

We owe so much to Rex.  He wanted to giveback and support others in our community.  He is understanding when it comes to us parents whose lives change the moment our kids come out to us.  He stepped up when asked to accept the position of Chapter President before Jacquie.  He did an excellent job leading the chapter through years of supporting families with lgbtq+ loved ones who make up our chapter.  

Rex keeps our chapter running between our monthly support group meetings.  If you have news, or interesting material, send it to Rex for our bi-monthly Newsletter which he produces.  Pictures for our website are welcome too!  Our chapter also depends on Rex for his wonderful humor and generous spirit.  When you write to our chapter... he'll be sure your message gets to the right board member.  Your journey begins with Rex!